Sustainable homes are more than a trendy architecture fad—they actively combat the changing climate, seeking to address (and, perhaps, rectify) pressing environmental issues. A high-performance home may include a range of features, including solar panels, energy-efficient insulation, a rooftop garden, and/or the use of reclaimed or local materials. These inclusions coalesce to create a home that will utilize fewer resources, thus reducing your personal impact on your surroundings.


However, California-specific green housing features exist; in fact, they should be foremost in your mind when you set to building or updating your current home. In recent years, California has seen some extreme climate-related changes. From a decade-long drought to raging wildfires, Californians have had to adjust their lifestyles to accommodate the changing environment. Though these events should not be taken lightly, they present an opportunity: if you are in the process of building or remodeling your sustainable home, you can better assess and address the needs of your community and environment.


A southern California green home, then, should not look like sustainable homes in other parts of the country. Builders should find ways to incorporate water conservation and energy efficiency, whether that means reducing overall home size or being selective about showerhead choice. This blog will seek out and discuss the various ways in which sustainable architecture and living can be applied to the idiosyncratic problems facing southern California.