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The Olson Company

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Since its inception in 1988 of The Olson Company has committed itself to see the urban landscape reach its full potential by purchasing underutilized land and developing them, re-entitling and re-zoning. The Olson company mantra is “walk” hence they build homes that are eco-friendly, enjoy close proximity to entertainment and recreational facilities, and with efficient transit links.

Being an eco-friendly company, The Olson Company ensures they utilize sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly materials. Their developments have solar panels, learning thermostats, advanced insulation, high-tech furnaces, tank-less water heaters, dual-flush toilets, water-saving fixtures, and built-in electronic vehicle chargers. Some of the features are included and others optional, this helps
save money and minimize environmental degradation.

The Olson Company has built over 11,000 homes across 100 cities since 1988. The types of homes they built include single-family detached house which is a type of house that is not attached to other buildings and stands on its own. Single-family attached homes are homes that share walls on both sides with other homes. Another type is live/work homes, houses that combine workspaces with living space and live alone homes. Also, they build mixed-use in-town homes. All their homes are eco-friendly,
and also enjoy close proximity to recreation areas and entertainment spots.

The Olson Company serves communities in South California. In Los Angeles county they serve the following communities, BLVD Walk, Montebello, Expo Walk, Leimert park, Flora Walk and Torrance. More communities are there in Orange county specifically, District Walk, Anaheim, Oak Walk, Los Alamitos, Portola Walk, La Habra, Westside Walk, and Costa Mesa. You can contact The Olson company and find out more on

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