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Woodside Homes

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Woodside Homes is one of the premiere home builders in Southern California, and it has been since it was founded 1977. With homes to offer across a spread of many neighborhoods around the Inland Empire including Beaumont, Corona, Menifee, Sausalito and Ontario you’ll have no home finding a wonderful new home in the perfect neighborhood when working with Woodside Homes.

These home builders offer many different types of housing solutions, including apartment styled housing and single-family units in housing developments. They have many styles offered in a variety of sizes and combinations of bed and bath floor plans and 1 or 2 car garage choices.

They are conscious of the company’s impact on the environment as well as the ongoing cost of the housing on the climate, utilizing a program names Green By Design to increase the sustainability of the homes they build. In Southern California this program provides appliances with energy saving features, low energy light fixtures and efficient windows and structure to save energy. Programmable thermostats and water saving fixtures help reduce use throughout each day. These features paired with solar panels help keep your energy solution sustainable and reduce energy costs. The included hardware even comes with tools to show how much energy you’re producing and saving along with the costs and environmental impact of your home over the years.

With years of experience and trust across many states and communities, Woodside Homes is sure to be able to provide you with a sustainable and beautiful solution for your stay in Inland Empire.

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