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Blu Homes Inc.

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Blu Homes Inc. is a building company founded in 2007. Since its inception, the company has built over 300 innovative, eco-friendly, prefab houses in 21 states. The company has constructed most of its projects in California, examples in southern California include the Origin project in Joshua Tree, San Bernardino County, and the Breezehouse in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles County.

Types of Homes

Blu Homes specializes in building prefabricated homes, prefabs, that it manufactures off-site, ships as standard sections to the location, and assembles the house. It constructs eco-friendly, green homes that are usually affordable, demand less labor, and take shorter periods to construct as compared to custom-made homes.

A company is green if it focuses on the conservation of natural resources by efficient use of energy, water and building resources. Blu Homes ranks highly among eco-friendly or green companies because it effects the conservation of the mentioned elements.

Energy Conservation

As you can see from the Blu Homes gallery, the company endeavors in constructing homes with wide windows and openings that let natural light and clean airflow in the house. This idea reduces the need for air conditioning and lighting, thus saving energy.

Water Conservation

Blu Homes majorly uses wood to construct its homes except for where it incorporates a concrete foundation and floor. Since there is minimal use of concrete in the construction, the company ends up saving on a lot of water.

Sustainable Materials and Methods

Blu Homes constructs its houses with flooring made from natural and renewable materials such as bamboo, linoleum, and cork. On the roof, the company uses recycled steel and recycled plastic composites. This model of construction practically reduces on-site labor.

Although critics are of the idea that using wood is against conservation efforts, wood is a renewable resource when you get it from a supplier who has reclaimed it or one who follows sustainable planting practices.

Blu Homes achieves 50% less water usage, 50% less electricity usage, and 30% less material waste as compared to other builders.

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