Top Eco-Friendly Building Companies in Southern California

Southern California is blazing the trail for eco-friendly construction, renovation, and living. Whether you’re building your own home, remodeling your current home, or just want more information about best practices, it may make sense to acquaint yourself with some of the industry’s leaders. We’ve spotlighted a few green and environmentally sustainable construction, building, and planning companies below. You could use the list to find your new builder. You could use it to shape your own business. Either way, these companies are some of the most sustainable and responsible in the region.

Pacific Green Homes – This general contracting company was founded by elite home improvement industry experts. Pacific Green Homes provides several services, including solar panel installation, energy-efficient roofing, home construction, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, green window design, and Tex-Cote paint. They work with a network of trusted vendors who understand their high standards and are capable of providing the quality this company is known for.

Go Green Construction — This company says their goal is to minimize the impact on the environment through utilizing energy conscious building practices. These practices, in turn, benefit their clients, the community, and generations to follow. Go Green Construction offers a variety of services, including construction management, energy audits, air sealing, roof installation, green consulting and design, green remodeling, HVAC system design, and hot water delivery system design. These sustainable building experts care about their clients’ health, time, and budget, making them an excellent choice for your next project.

Eco Artisan Builders – Eco Artisan Builders is a creative design and green building company that creates elegant homes that remain in harmony with their surroundings. They provide building and carpentry, design, and home health analysis services and have an extensive portfolio of successful and innovative energy-efficient constructions and remodels. Their founder, Mark Letizia, has 34 years of experience in residential design and has been involved in solar and green building since the field’s inception. This renowned company is an excellent option for those looking for sleek and efficient construction.

Green Air Solutions – These green home renovation specialists are devoted to upgrading their community with energy efficient homes. Established in 2010, the company provides environmentally friendly solutions and some of the most responsible HVAC services available. Their services include HVAC installation and maintenance, air duct cleaning, and insulation installation. Green Air Solutions is also actively working with county programs to provide home restoration relief for families whose homes were damaged by recent California wildfires.

Builders Green Remodeling, Inc. – This company partners with design professionals and clients to build environmentally friendly homes and remodels. Located in the San Diego area, they are known for their creative problem-solving and excellent client relations. Builders Green Remodeling also has a network of architects and interior designers they rely on for projects.

Green House Home Improvements – GREENHOUSE is a home improvement company that practices green building strategies utilizing the most up-to-date building science available. They specialize in home improvement, building performance, energy efficiency, and professional handyman services. GREENHOUSE uses a holistic approach to home improvement, treating the building as both a system and an experience. This allows them to negotiate priorities while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency standards.