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D.R. Horton – Building Eco-Friendly, Quality Homes

Since 1978, D.R. Horton has become a reputable builder throughout the USA. With over 220 floor plans and communities throughout Southern California, there’s sure to be one to fit you and your family. D.R. Horton is committed to finding the

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Capital Pacific Homes

Established in 1975, Capital Pacific Homes have for almost three decades, developed exceptional client satisfactory single-family and multi-family homes. The passion-driven company constructs homes that ensure efficient, smart, and well living. Capital Pacific Homes has built over 30,000 homes since


1099 Form Filing Software Solutions

Whether you’re building a home or work as a freelancer, the 1099 is an important form to know. Put simply, this form is used to report non-employee income. Most view it as a contractor’s version of a W-2 form. There


The Most Beautiful Green Buildings in Southern California

Those of us who live in cities or other high-volume parts of the country often forget just how inefficient skyscrapers, office buildings, and shopping complexes can be. In fact, American buildings contribute approximately 73% of the country’s overall electricity consumption,


Tiny Homes: Movement or Mainstay?

Environmentally savvy? Are you willing to join the Tiny Home movement? The Tiny Home trend is a social movement where people choose to downsize their living space. You’ll never misplace things again. The typical American home is around 2,600 square


Green Homes are as Popular as they are Necessary

The term “sustainability” has gained enormous traction over the past two decades, signaling man’s increasing awareness and focus on improving environmental qualities of the world we inhabit. We have embraced the concepts and ideas behind sustainable businesses, energy production, agriculture,


How Germany Changed the Game with Solar Driveways

Germany reached a green technology revolution: it produced more than half of its total energy demands that day using only electricity generated from solar power. Some media outlets took the figure and exaggerated it, claiming that Germany produces all of

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