More Geothermal Power Coming to Southern California—If There’s Enough Water

It may seem like solar power gets all the headlines nowadays, especially for single-family detached homes. It’s become relatively rare for geothermal heating and cooling systems to be installed on this type of small scale. Yet, California has been a


Updating Your Window Technology

Window performance can be complicated. As a resident of southern California, you want a frame and pane that both conserves energy, keeps the house cool, and resists flame in case of a wildfire emergency. Finding the perfect, energy-efficient window is


Smart Roofing is Important in Southern California

Southern California is hot, and the record-breaking drought has only added strain to residents trying to keep cool. If you are building a new house or completing a sustainable renovation of your current home, carefully consider your roofing options. You


Consider Solar Energy—It’s Perfect for Southern California

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular source of energy for residents around California. Factors such as high insolation, community support, declining solar cost, and the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, which requires that 33% of California’s electricity come from renewable


Switching to LED: The Easiest Way to Increase Sustainability

If you live in southern California, you are likely searching for ways to increase your home’s sustainability. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford the switch to sustainable appliances–let alone a comprehensive sustainability renovation. Luckily, a simple solution exists for those


Sustainable Design for Wildfire Survival

Wildfires are changing the California real estate landscape. In late 2017, a single wildfire torched nearly 141,000 acres of land, forcing 212,000 to evacuate a massive section of southern California. More than 86,000 homes in Ventura and Los Angeles counties


Energy Efficient Air Conditioning—It’s Real, and It Makes All the Difference

More than 75% of American households have an air conditioner, yet home AC accounts for more than 8% of all electricity produced in the United States. At a cost of $15 billion, this amount of electricity puts roughly 196 million

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