Switching to LED: The Easiest Way to Increase Sustainability

If you live in southern California, you are likely searching for ways to increase your home’s sustainability. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford the switch to sustainable appliances–let alone a comprehensive sustainability renovation. Luckily, a simple solution exists for those


Sustainable Design for Wildfire Survival

Wildfires are changing the California real estate landscape. In late 2017, a single wildfire torched nearly 141,000 acres of land, forcing 212,000 to evacuate a massive section of southern California. More than 86,000 homes in Ventura and Los Angeles counties


Energy Efficient Air Conditioning—It’s Real, and It Makes All the Difference

More than 75% of American households have an air conditioner, yet home AC accounts for more than 8% of all electricity produced in the United States. At a cost of $15 billion, this amount of electricity puts roughly 196 million


Conserving Water: It’s Easier than you Think

When most Americans think about southern California, the ongoing drought is one of the first characteristics to spring to mind. However, through droughts, warnings, and extreme shortages, most of us continue to treat this resource as a given—as something that


Designing Your Sustainable Home

California residents pride themselves on staying ahead of the sustainability curve. The state is credited with the success of the solar power industry, and one in two southern California residents actively seeks out local produce, meat, and dairy. However, though


What Green Homes Look Like in SoCal

Sustainable homes are more than a trendy architecture fad. They actively combat the changing climate, seeking to address (and, perhaps, rectify) pressing environmental issues. A high-performance home may include a range of features, including solar panels, energy-efficient insulation, a rooftop

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